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Seijgraaf BV (Board Director IHC Switzerland)  and partner HEAP Research BV (Board Director PPi Healthcare Consulting Ltd UK )are specialised in the field of healthcare, in particular issues of market access and reimbursment of (innovative) health technology such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, ehealth products and surgical and other medical interventions.

Seijgraaf and HEAP are  focussing on the comprehensive downstream process of strategy development, regulatory and market access support. The combination of our companies allows us to cover all aspects of the market access process of regulatory and reimbursement and enables us to provide a comprehensive service package to medtech companies.

For a successful market introduction of a medtech product, it’s important that this fits into a statutory reimbursement system. As reimbursement processes have not been harmonized across the European Union (EU), the development of pan-European reimbursement strategy for medical devices and pharmaceuticals is an important deliverable and strategy developement is the prime initial focus. Developing strategy involves consumate knowledge of in country-specific parameters. Knowing how to interpret the rules, codes and procedures for the development and the reimbursement of innovative medtech products is critical when entering a new market. An early  reimbursement scan can provide manufacturers  with necessary information for slecting the right reimbursement target market.


In recent years, we have expanded our network throughout the EU. We have built an extensive network of reimbursement and in-market expertise of market access consultants throughout the EU and in fact all 27 markets and the UK are represented as well as many Eastern European markets.


It is our daily work to support medtech companies, during pan-European market access procedures and the introduction of healthcare services and concepts on the EU market. We focus on strategy development, reimbursement processes, implementation and project management.


Stretching over a period of more than 30 years we have supported medtech companies in matters of market access in the field of pharma, medical technology, healthcare providers and governmental organisations.


Because of our knowledge and our experience, we’re able to advice and to provide guidance throughout the process: from product development to the eventual market entrance, and all phases in between. Together with the manufacturers or distributors, we develop and execute the best strategy for a successful market introduction of any innovative medtech product.


The journey for Briddge started when two business associates decided to join forces. In 2011 attorney-at-law Marc Dunnewijk and accountant Theo De Groot established Briddge Legal & Finance in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in pursue of their mutual ambition to assist international oriented businesses thrive in the European market. By joining their forces they believed that shared knowledge and forces can lead to great opportunities and they could guide clients better with their establishment in Europe. Therefore, the letters D-D-G in the name Briddge mark the cooperation as the letters stand for Dunnewijk and De Groot. During the past years Theo De Groot has stepped down and his sons Stefan and Jurren have taken his place as partners within the company.


Briddge has proved to be a success from the moment of the merge of the two strong and experienced companies ‘Dunnewijk’ and ‘Gread & Partners’. The success resulted in a rapid growth of Briddge and extended market presence. Over the years, we have delivered high-quality legal and financial services to our clients all over the world, from small to large companies in various sectors from our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague (the Netherlands) and Los Angeles (USA).


At Briddge, we can assist you in understanding all the requirements for getting established in Europe. We can provide you with all the expertise you will need to be up and running successfully. We will be on your side, managing every detail of your expansion and operation. We also have a network of partners throughout Europe which enables us to provide you and all your subsidiaries with the best in-country support.



Established in 2006, OneLogistics was specifically setup to support the F-35/F135 program

dealing with European rules, regulations & complexities impacting the F-35 supply chain. By combining the best staff with IT technology and a profound knowledge of global logistics, warehousing, transport, customs, compliance, (cyber) security enables us to provide agile, flexible and scalable solutions we delivered “best value”. These “best value” integrated sustainment supply chain solutions are developed in close cooperation between the Dutch Government, Knowledge institutes and logistics industry.


A seamless cooperation delivering innovative supply chain solutions from a central and well

accessible location in Europe: the Netherlands Warehouse, transport-, customs & compliance

management is integrated in the OneLogistics control tower solution. This included supply

chain simulations, value chain mapping and detailed studies on how to positively impact

metrics and KPI’s in a high velocity Performance Based Contracting environment.


Currently OneLogistics is provides European warehous, customs and logistics solution to the F-35 program as well as the F135 (engine).



ILIAS is the backbone of the OneLogistics system that enables the Tesseract Control Tower. ILIAS Solutions delivers a commercial off-the-shelf software suite to support organizations and companies in doing more with less. The platform covers the entire armed forces value chain. It aligns operations and training with maintenance, supply and procurement. The platform provides the means to assure effective execution of processes, captures key information and enables military commanders to manage their defense capability in accordance with the doctrine and within the constraints of their budgets.


From the start, a tri-service comprehensive solution was the basic requirement. The platform is designed as one consistently integrated solution, which retains the flexibility to match the specific requirements of our military customers. This way, we complement their current ICT landscape with our defense specific functionality, provide support throughout the life of the software and grow the footprint of our solution from an initial weapon system to full force fleet management over time.


Above all, ILIAS Solutions consists of a team of dedicated people in the development, implementation and maintenance of software solutions, with experience in managing complex and sensitive assets maintenance and logistics systems. Our platform is the result of 20 years of consistent focus. We have harnessed know-how that can be turned directly into value for our customers. Our approach encompasses best-practices, ensuring low implementation cost, time and risk.


Gordian provide supply chain and spare parts solutions to ensure customers are able to operate. Experience shows that a considerable amount of non-availability is due to waiting time for parts and technicians, i.e. the logistics delay-time. We are convinced that there is no need for capital goods to be down due to logistical delay time. Furthermore, this can be achieved with reasonable investments or even with less working capital and operational costs.


With this in mind, we can help you improve your logistical performance. Specifically, we can do this with professional advice, tailored solutions and ambitious innovations in the field of service logistics, spare parts management and supply chain management.


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