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Rene de Koning

Co-Founder & Director Supply Chain

Rene de Koning has been working in the logistics industry for +35 years. Together with Ron de Graaf Rene was one of the founders of the Amsterdam based project BioPortEurope a life science focused conglomerate that supported (initially) Indian but later US companies in the European Region. He brings a broad and deep knowledge in the field of supply chain management, global transport, warehousing, European trucking, customs & VAT, compliance, project- and change management.  Previously Rene has worked for Dutch Air, Holland International Distribution Council, Road Air/Rhenus and IJS Global.  Since early 90’s Rene has been involved with life science and healthcare customers by supporting them in establishing and setting up their European Supply chain.  Supporting life science and healthcare companies in Europe requires a compliance and quality focusses approach as well a helicopter view of what makes the business “tick”. Lives and well-being of patients are at stake, so a detailed, focused, and compliant approach is vital but also keeping the supply chain goals in mind and this all based on a no nonsense and direct approach.  In 2009 he co-founded OneLogistics and since April 2016 he is the F-35 Logistics Lead for the Netherlands.

Ron de Graaf 

Co-Founder & Director Market Access

Ron de Graaff LL.M has more than 40 years experience in consulting for pharmaceutical and medtech companies. He is the founder of Seijgraaf Consultancy in 1985, located in The Netherlands. Furthermore, he is one of the founders of the Agora Networknin Ireland and the IHC Consulting company in Switzerland. Ron has focussed his professional life on health insurance and health financing issues as well as dental care and reimbursement of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Ron is a senior expert in issues of DRG financing (or in Dutch DBC) in the Netherlands and out-patient services. Over the years he has advised more than 800 private and public sector health care providers, insurers and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, giving advice mainly in the field of strategy and policy structures, related to and resulting from the finance structures of the Dutch healthcare system (over 2,500 projects). His past duties involved: Chairman of Umbrella Organization of Medical Technology in the Netherlands (SOMT), Chairman of the Dutch dentists organization ANT, Chairman of the organization of manufacturers FITEK, Chairman of a regional patient organization and various advisory roles of the Dutch Healthcare Authority and the National Reimbursement Authority. 

Marc Dunnewijk

Director Tax & Finance 

Marc Dunnewijk is co-owner of Briddge. He runs his company together with two other partners, Stefan de Groot and Jurren de Groot. De Briddge originated from Marc Dunnewijk as a legal assistant and his former partner with a background as an accountant, he is now retired. Both expertises have been merged, so that they can offer the legal and accounting aspects in one package, the so-called one-stop-shopping. This makes Bridgedge unique in its service. Marc Dunnewijk starts his career at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC). After working for four years as an employee, he decided to take up entrepreneurship: in 1996 he started Kantoor Dunnewijk, offering legal services. During that period he often worked together with his accountant, together they took care of the legal and accounting administration of international clients who wanted to set up a company in the Netherlands. Dunnewijk: “The collaboration went so well that in 2011 we decided to officially bundle our services and offer them in one package under the name Briddge. Briddge has four offices (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Los Angeles) employing a total of 100 people. Marc Dunnewijk is mainly involved in managing the four offices and is alternately working in the Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague office. In recent years, Briddge has experienced enormous growth, which means that Marc Dunnewijk is less involved in day-to-day business and supporting clients. He focuses more on the management of the four offices. All Briddge departments are led by Marc Dunnewijk and the challenge is that the client still has the one-stop shopping experience.


Tesseract EU is based on the BioPortEurope concept dating back to 2010. BioPortEurope was created in 2010 as a project from Amsterdam Innovation Motor to facilitate Indian life science companies expanding their business into the European market.  


The basic idea was re-vitalized by two of the main stakeholders Ron de Graaf and Rene de Koning in 2019 by two market specialists with a single vision: “To create a one stop shop solution that is able to deliver European life sciences and medtech solutions by combining market access, reimbursement, supply chain, customs compliancy and tax & accounting services based on a Control Tower environment. ”


The initiative is now called Tesseract EU and operates under the concept of a Control Tower which is a form of cooperation involving different service providers linked by information technology to share skills, knowledge, and access to others’ expertise in non-traditional ways.


We integrate all the elements of your value chain to ensure you create the appropriate European market positioning through “smart”:


  • Market Access & reimbursement

  • Supply chain

  • Transport-, warehousing-, customs management

  • Compliance

  • Tax & accounting



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